Can you send out samples?

We offer a sampling service to ensure that you order the fabric that is best suited to your requirements. We make a nominal charge of £1 per sample for this service, which is the cost of processing and delivery. Each sample is approximately A5 (23cm x 16cm)*.

To ensure that we offer you the best possible service, we limit the number of samples per customer/order to 6. If you place repeated order or an order in excess of the maximum amount, we reserve the right to either

a) cancel you order in its entirety and refund any money already paid


b) ask you to select a number of samples equivalent to the maximum and refund the difference.

Samples may not be available on some fabrics if we have a very low stock, and the fabric cannot be re-ordered from our suppliers. We do not supply samples of non-fabric products.

*Please note that for our range of Liberty Art Fabrics, the sample size is approximately A6 (10cm x15cm).


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